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Professional Life:

After becoming a professional dancer at 14, Ms. Acuña has been quite busy since. One of the featured professionals in Sunset Magazine as “Living The Dream” and named a “A star in her own right” by Ann Murphy of the Oakland Tribune News, Carolé (pronounced Carolay) is a Meisner trained actorstand-up comedianflamenco &  modern dancerchoreographerwriteractivist. She is a Sanford Meisner Film Festival, Best Supporting Actress Nominee, an  Isadora Duncan Dance Award (Izzie) nominee in individual performance.  Her work is seen in film, theater, television, commercials, heard on the radio. She carries on the Flamenco and Spanish Dance legacy of her world renowned mother and is the co-artistic director of Carolina Lugo’s & Carolé Acuña’s Ballet Flamenco. Carolé was named “The top flamenco dancer in America” on So You Think You Can Dance, she also warmed up the other auditioning dancers with some stand-up comedy by request of the judges. “Acuña expertly raises one eyebrow and with her chin up, she balances on a three-inch stiletto heel. Suddenly, the comedienne slumps, lowering her foot and eyebrow simultaneously as she delivers her punchline on stage in front of a laughing audience.”– Janice De Jesus, Contra Costa Times. She was one of the original hand picked chosen artists by Jennifer Lopez to be on Q’Viva! The Chosen. Her artistic works have a focus on social change, she is involved with San Francisco Women Against Rape (SFWAR), creator of Climate Narwhal, co-creator of The Artivists podcast, creator of Co-Ed Comedy stand-up comedy shows. Ms. Acuña is commercially represented by Look Talent Agency.

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Personal Journey:

Growing up with a diverse background; a flamenco dancing mother, homosexual father, being of mixed ethnicity, and being a survivor of sexual abuse and domestic violence, Carolé is passionate about letting others know the important role art plays in our world as well as helping others realize their potential so they can see that there is a way to live their dream now. Having an artistic outlet during Ms. Acuña’s childhood and teen years helped her cope with troubling issues as well as help others around her. After years of healing and being a transcendental meditation scholarship recipient, she comes from a place of compassion. Being involved with San Francisco Women Against Rape (SFWAR) and creating Climate Narwhal, she weaves her artistry with helping others. “This is why I am here, to share my voice; to help as many people as possible in this world. We are living our dreams right now so we can choose to feel free and help others do the same. The present is a gift for us.” – C. Acuña


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Where it Started:

Formally starting ballet at 3, Carolé started making funny faces and characters in and out of class. Since no talking was allowed during ballet, she would communicate with the other dancers using her visually spectacular facial and body expressions and while outside of class, she’d bring the characters to life with different voices, distinct physical movements, singing songs she’d composed to showcase her solo characters and also asked other people to be in her plays for family, friends, everyone who wanted to watch. Growing up with a professional flamenco and Spanish dancing mom who taught her dance at home, Ms. Acuña started formally taking flamenco, Spanish Classical, Spanish Regional at 11 with Rosa Montoya and became a professional dancer in her company at 14, Ms. Acuña and her mother started a dance company the same year “Carolina Lugo’s and Carolé Acuña’s Ballet Flamenco”. She started dancing modern dance with Cheryl Chaddick and Robert Moses soon after and collaborated with various Modern Dance Companies such as Urban Jazz Dance and Katiedid Dance, as well as other companies and artists.  Balancing a professional dance career, high school, acting classes, she graduated while being nominated “Class Clown”. She dove straight into her acting, dancing, stand-up comedy career by going to the San Francisco Comedy College and then moved to Spain to live with her master flamenco teacher and second flamenco mom, Pepa Montes, among other prominent flamenco artists. She has been going to Spain once a year ever since while also touring various shows and workshops internationally. In order to dive in deeper as an actor and artist, Carolé went through a life changingly intensive training at The Meisner Technique Studio with Sanford Meisner’s last teaching protégé, Jim Jarrett and the assistant director, Melissa Thompson Esaia. She is now a studio member which is like a gym/laboratory for professional actors to discover, collaborate, work on their craft, continually expand. She is currently working on; a one woman show set to have a world premiere in the fall of 2019, hosting the podcast “The Artivists”, putting a stand-up comedy headlining show together. Carolé’s number one choice is to be in films, theater and various mediums where her and other people’s talents can help make a positive difference in our world. Art and activism unite.

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Some comedy venues Carolé has performed stand-up comedy at.

The Punchline, San Francisco
The Punchline, Sacramento
The San Jose Improv
Caroline’s (New York)
Martini Blues (Huntington Beach)
The Purple Onion
The Shelton Theatre
The Meisner Technique Studio
Peña Pachamama
The Eureka Theater
Cue Productions
The Grotto Club
The Brain Wash Comedy Club
Rooster T. Feathers Comedy Club

Some Artists Ms. Acuña has performed with.

Ms. Acuña has performed in concert and shared the stage with other world renowned artists such as Carole Cook, David Engel, Pepa Montes, Ricardo Miño, Pedro Ricardo Miño, Hangzhou Dance Company, Shanghai Opera Company, Shanghai Symphony, Angel Romero, Gino D’Auri, Manuel Betanzos, Antonio Vargas, Ricardo Garcia, Pascuale Esposito, Jesus Herrera, Jesus Montoya, California Symphony, Reno Philharmonic, Juan Talavera, Mendocino Symphony, California Symphony, Howard Meehan, Jesus Herrera, Jesus Montoya, Eddie Navia, George Lammam.

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