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Carolé & Carolina

Flamenco shows every Saturday night in San Francisco at 7pm, Peña Pachamama 1630 Powell St, Please click on this link for tickets and more information:

GREAT NEWS! Carolé Acuña was nominated for an Isadora Duncan Dance Award (Izzie Award) in individual performance for her performance of Unidad/Unity. Click here to go to the official press release.  She was also just asked to be on the Izzie award committee.

Carolina Lugo’s & Carolé Acuña’s Ballet Flamenco is recognized as one of the top flamenco, spanish, modern dance Company’s in the world. The uniqueness of the company emanates from the combination of flamenco, spanish, modern dance presented on stage by Artistic Director, Carolina Lugo and assistant director, Carolé Acuña. Their artistic vision interweaves the extraordinary talents of many other internationally renowned artists with melodic palates of musical virtuosity and colorful step design with the clever staging of dancers and musicians interlacing rhythms with one another to create a colorful canvas of gracious artists on stage.

The Company is a non-profit organization chartered to share the rich traditions of dance, music, literature, culture of the gypsy trail and Spain with all communities, and to be a center, which encourages new artistic creativity. The Company represents a diversity of cultures from around the globe, appearing in a broad spectrum of creative mediums, including; film, television, theatre, cabaret venues, opera and symphonic formats, site specific collaborations.

“The dance scene has seen a rebirth of the influence of flamenco, spanish, modern dance. The excitement is very present in Ballet Flamenco.” Contra Costa Times veteran dance critic, Marilyn Tucker said, “Lugo who earned her Spanish Dance stripes early on with veteran performer Lola Montes, proves herself adapt in choreographing story dances based on the traditions of classical court dances… pure dance poetry.”

America has a long tradition of Spanish Dance performances with orchestrations. Drawing on flamenco, ballet, modern, regional dance roots. Neo-classical spanish dance developed through the genius of the Argentine-born Spanish dancer, La Argentina, who was the first to dance to the music of leading Spanish composers, such as Isaac Albeniz and Manuel de Falla. Antonio Triana was La Argentina’s dance partner and collaborator and later mentor and dance partner for Lola Montes who passed on the legacy of these traditions to Carolina Lugo and then on to Carolé Acuña through Carolina Lugo, Rosa Montoya, Pepa Montes.

Ballet Flamenco has averaged more than 60 performances per year over the last eighteen years with an annual home concert season in San Francisco. The company has been presented in concert at the Shanghai Opera House, Hollywood Bowl, Fox Theater, Redwood City Theater, Flint Center, Cupertino Theater, San Mateo Performing Arts Center, Pioneer Center, Reno, Nevada, Luther Burbank Center, Santa Rosa, Eureka Theater, San Francisco, Village Theater, Danville, Marin Center, San Rafael, Mendocino Music Festival, Lesher Performing Arts Center, Walnut Creek, the Varsity Theater, Davis, Wente Winery, Livermore and the Memorial Auditorium , Sacramento, among others.

Flamenco shows every Saturday night in San Francisco at 7pm, Peña Pachamama 1630 Powell St, Please click on this link for tickets and more information:


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