Being an Activist


One film from 15 Second Films of Funny 

Passionate about human rights and global warming, Ms. Acuña realizes the effects these issues have on our world as a whole and on a local level. She participates in protests against rape and domestic violence and is involved with San Francisco Women Against Rape (SFWAR). Carolé is currently producing another film that speaks to issues we face on a daily basis, more information coming in 2018. One project she has helped in the process of making is a film created and directed by fellow activist and actor, Melissa Thompson Esaia, more details will be available in the winter of 2017.

Ms. Acuña has created the activist group Climate Narwhal to raise awareness about issues such as global warming, everyday choices can help our universe, the important role art plays in our lives. Please take a look at the Climate Narwhal page to read more. Thank you.

One film from 15 Second Films of Funny 


Climate Narwhal


Protest Against Rape & Domestic Violence


Protest Against Dolphins & Whales in Captivity



One film from 15 Second Films of Funny