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Carolé is a world class Meisner actor with over 15 years of professional acting experience. She is a Sanford Meisner Film Festival, Best Supporting Actress Nominee, her work is seen in film, theater, television, commercials, heard on the radio and podcasts. Some theatrical performances include but are not limited to: one of the lead actors in San Francisco I Love You (2018), lead actor and singer in ‘A Rutabaga’ at PianoFight (2017), supporting actor in ‘Meisner’ at 39 Mesa Street Theater (2017), lead actor in Murder in the Louvre at Sacramento Elks Lodge Hall (2016), lead actor in The Other Side of the Closet at New Conservatory Theater Center (2016), lead actor in ‘Californication’ at PianoFight (2015), lead actor and dancer in Same Amor at Shotwell Studios (2012), lead actor in The New Hamlet at Shotwell Studios (2008), supporting actor and lead dancer in ‘Carmen’ at Shanghai Opera Hall, Shanghai (2007), supporting actor and lead dancer in ‘Evita’ at The Regional Center for the Arts (2006).

Some films Ms. Acuña has worked on but are not limited to: Milk, Ay Jose, Wolf Mother, La Vida No Vale Nada, Collisions, A.S.I., Crazy B, Gutter Ball, Sushi time, The Cooking Diaries, Faces in the Jungle. 

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Ms. Acuña is a Studio Member for professional Meisner actors at The Meisner Technique Studio in San Francisco run by Jim Jarrett, Sanford Meisner’s last teaching protégée. It is a gym/laboratory for actors and she has projects in the works for 2018-2019. She is currently involved with various films (including another one she is writing), a one woman show that incorporates her dynamic fields of artistic expression that it is projected to have a world premiere in the fall of 2019, a stand-up comedy headlining show that involves impressions, hugely physical characters and Ms. Acuña’s quick spur of the moment wit among other intricate details.

“Carolé should be an Academy Award winning actress:  AND THE OSCAR GOES TO CAROLÉ ACUÑA! She is not only funny, but inspirational at the same time.  That takes talent, which she has loads of.  I’ve gotta come see her perform more often” – Janice Kendricks, professional Bay Area photographer


Works In The Works

While consistently working in/booking films and shows in the San Francisco/Los Angeles areas and internationally, Carolé has works in the works. If you would like to collaborate in film, stage, or other mediums, please contact us.


A short video with dancing, acting, singing