Ms. Acuña has created the activist group to raise awareness about issues such as rape and domestic violence, global warming, the everyday choices we make do effect our universe, the important role that the arts play in our lives. We are all connected and global warming is effecting not only narwhals in the arctic, but other wildlife, indigenous peoples, and every single one of us on a daily basis. Even if we don’t immediately feel the effects, it is still happening right now. The Arctic speaks to us and we CAN do something about it; every choice matters so let’s help make positive changes in our world.


Climate Narwhal created the film A.S.I. to help raise awareness in the realms of gender, age, ethnicity. It had a magnificent world premiere at the 4th Annual Sanford Meisner Film Festival and is being presented at various events to continue to empower people to live their dream now, to look past the window dressing and love deeply since it is present in every moment.

Her YouTube Channel

Passionate about human rights and global warming, Ms. Acuña realizes the effects these issues have on our world as a whole and on a local level. She helps out/participates in protests against rape and domestic violence with San Francisco Women Against Rape, helped with the production of transcribing powerful interviews for an impactful documentary project, collaborated with various artists/activists on a performance art piece about gender equality, participates in events with different organizations that help people of all ages learn about the important role art and fitness play in our lives, performs in benefit shows to help raise money for important causes, helps create positive change with every project she chooses.


Her YouTube Channel  

Climate Narwhal also expands to those who want to make positive changes in the over all moral of their communities because healthier communities help more communities and so on. Are you passionate about something? Go for it! Here is a link to another activist group that Climate Narwhal supports: Better U Foundation because they too help many “With the goal of empowering others by supporting transformational and sustainable ideas, the Better U Foundation is committed to cultivating a better universe.”

Let us all help this universe be brighter.