Interview Series

“The Fitness & Creativity Interview Series”


This masterclass interview series will go over why diet, fitness, mental, emotional health are all important in every aspect of your life, why “you are what you eat” is so true, various ways you can access your creativity and break through blocks to clarify the best version of yourself; from recognizing the ‘big idea’ to getting ready to implementation. You can build productive habits to actively create and live the life you desire, this series will help you unleash your full empowered potential.


Meet me, your host, Carolé Acuña: Starting my professional artistic career at 14, I (my name is pronounced Carolay) am a flamenco dancer, stand-up comedian, actor, author, actualization mentor. Growing up with a diverse background; a flamenco dancing mother, homosexual father, being of mixed ethnicity, and being a survivor of sexual abuse and domestic violence, I am passionate about letting others know the important role art plays in our world as well as helping others realize their potential so they can see that there is a way to live their dream now. Having an artistic outlet during my childhood and teen years helped me cope with ongoing abuse while helping others around me. After years of utilizing various therapeutic modalities, healing and being a transcendental meditation scholarship recipient, I come from a place of compassion. I weave my artistry and athleticism with helping others. 

Today is new day which means that there is another opportunity to actualize benevolence.


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“Carolé helps me get in my ideal shape, connect with my core self, allows me to discover new ideas and guides me every step of the way.” -Ariel Kim, client