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Ms. Acuña works in the San Francisco/Los Angeles areas and internationally. You can scroll down for regular show information including links to buy tickets. Please contact us for inquiries about casting and booking in your area. Thank you.

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“Carolé is an inspiringly accomplished flamenco dancer, comedienne, actor, and more talents diversifying her” -Dale Louise Evje, writer for San Francisco Magazine

Flamenco shows every Saturday night in San Francisco at 7pm, Peña Pachamama 1630 Powell St, Please click on this link for tickets and more information:


Stand-Up Comedy

“Acuña expertly raises one eyebrow and with her chin up, she balances on a three-inch stiletto heel. Suddenly, the comedienne slumps, lowering her foot and eyebrow simultaneously as she delivers her punchline on stage in front of a laughing audience.” – Janice De Jesus, Contra Costa Times

Video of  Stand-Up Comedy 

#climatenarwhal says that in order to help more people with #feelingfreedomnow…

Regular Thursday Shows

•Stand-Up Comedy then World Dance Show

Regular stand-up comedy shows at Brainwash Comedy 1122 Folsom Street, SF

Monday, Wednesday, Friday


Flamenco & Spanish Dance

“Acúña is a mesmerizing woman and a sensuous, generous dancer, as gifted in classical Spanish dance as in gypsy Flamenco” -Ann Murphy, Dance Critic, Oakland Tribune

Video of Flamenco Dance


Shows every Saturday night in San Francisco at 7pm, Peña Pachamama 1630 Powell St, Please click on this link for tickets and more information:



23rd Annual Flamenco & Spanish Dance Concert Season at Mission Cultural Center SF in February 2018



“I really look forward to listening to this podcast because you hear people that are given a space to talk openly and freely about subjects that should really be talked about more often by everyone. I find myself starting up more conversations within my circle of people and feel more confident trying something new because I think, well they can do it, why can’t I?” -Leon Tomkins, The Artivists listener

The Artivists

The Artivists “Where Art & Activism Unite!” This podcast was created to share relevant conversations to help make positive changes in our world and to empower everyone to do more in their day to day routine.

With your host, comedian/actor/dancer/producer, Carolé Acuña and co-host, comedian/producer Anthony Medina this podcast is thought provoking, informative, funny, interactive, with a splash of reactive. With the example of the Climate Narwhal activist group and production company, narwhals show how our our world is being effected by certain choices since they are an endangered species due to global warming. Every single thing we do does matter on a grand scale and we can help each other rise higher and higher.
Listen, react, interact. 

Ms. Acuña is a Studio Member for professional Meisner actors at The Meisner Technique Studio in San Francisco run by Jim Jarrett, Sanford Meisner’s last teaching protégée. It is a gym/laboratory for actors and she has projects in the works for 2017-2019. She is currently involved with various films (including another one she is writing), a one woman show that incorporates her dynamic fields of artistic expression that it is projected to have a world premiere and start touring in the fall of 2019, a stand-up comedy headlining show that involves impressions, hugely physical characters, and Ms. Acuña’s quick spur of the moment wit among other intricate details.

“Carolé should be an Academy Award winning actress:  AND THE OSCAR GOES TO CAROLÉ ACUÑA . . . and CHEERS! She is not only funny, but inspirational at the same time.  That takes talent, which she has loads of.  I’ve gotta come see her perform more often” – Janice Kendricks, Bay Area photographer

Ms. Acuña presented the world premiere of the film “A.S.I. A Series of Innovations” at The Sanford Meisner Film Festival in December 2016. Various other acting projects are happening: films, a one woman show, a stand-up comedy headlining show, web series, commercial work, etc.
Tickets are currently not being sold yet, however they will be in due time so feel free to check back.



Works In The Works

While consistently working in/booking films and shows in the San Francisco/Los Angeles areas and internationally, Carolé has works in the works. If you would like to collaborate in film, stage, or other mediums, please contact us.


One film from 15 Second Films of Funny 



You Can CLICK THIS LINK to view various videos and subscribe to Ms. Acuña’s youtube channel 🙂

 All works are associated with Climate Narwhal & Feeling Freedom Now