Stand-Up Comedy


Carolé is a hugely physical stand-up comedian and impressionist. Ever since she can remember, she’s been helping people through the gift of laughter inducing funny. From an expressive toddler to the little girl in ballet class not allowed to speak so she used her malleable face and agile body to bring laughter around, to helping her family during hard times, to being nominated class clown a few times, to finally starting a stand-up comedy career. Her nick names growing up were “rubber face” and “the girl who makes funny faces” and “weird”. She has always been a very physically expressive person so she knew from an early age that she must hone her own style; she does impressions, big act outs, many voices and funny songs in her stand-up comedy and has a style all her own.

“Acuña expertly raises one eyebrow and with her chin up, she balances on a three-inch stiletto heel. Suddenly, the comedienne slumps, lowering her foot and eyebrow simultaneously as she delivers her punchline on stage in front of a laughing audience.” – Janice De Jesus, Contra Costa Times


“Carolé’s stand-up comedy is intelligent, fast paced and full of energy. I am amazed at her ability to show her raw self and transform into virtually anyone, her face is like rubber and her body is agile.” -Virginia Lanely, fan

Some comedy venues Carolé has performed stand-up comedy at.

The Punchline, San Francisco
Cobb’s Comedy Club, San Francisco
The Punchline, Sacramento
The San Jose Improv
Caroline’s (New York)
Martini Blues (Huntington Beach)
The Purple Onion
The Shelton Theatre
The Meisner Technique Studio
Peña Pachamama
The Eureka Theater
Cue Productions
The Grotto Club
The Brain Wash Comedy Club
Rooster T. Feathers Comedy Club
Special Guest App Stage

 YouTube channel with more stand-up comedy