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World Renowned Flamenco Dancer, Actor +More!



Ann Murphy

“Ms. Acuña is a star in her own right”

Sunset Magazine

“Flamenco Star Carolé Acuña Brings the Soul of Spain to San Francisco”

Janice De Jesus

“Acuña expertly raises one eyebrow and with her chin up, she balances on a three-inch stiletto heel. Suddenly, the comedienne slumps, lowering her foot and eyebrow simultaneously as she delivers her punchline on stage in front of a laughing audience.”

Dale Louise Evje

“Carolé is an inspiringly accomplished flamenco dancer, comedienne, actor, and more talents diversifying her”

Chris Jones

“The amazingly talented stand-up comedian, singer, actor, dancer, Carolé Acuña.”

Dale Louise Evje

“The first half concluded with Carolé dancing jota. In this particular northern Spain (Basque) originated folk dance form, she excelled with castanets, displaying elevation, manual dexterity and charm in her balletic interpretation of a classical form. I enjoyed Carolé in this jota. She stretched it out in the middle and made it her own. It felt like she was actually free to fly”

Dale Louise Evje

“Carolé’s solo of incredible classical Flamenco technique and presence in Caña where she wore a formal red/black polka-dot bata de cola costume. Her exquisite carriage and Sevilla skirt/train work were admirable.”

Mary Murphy

“You have such a strong presence, your back and hands are gorgeous, you are a strong dancer. The way that you use your shall is like dancing with a partner, you have complete control and yet you let it flow freely.”

Amy Chen

“Acuña has not only inherited her mother’s striking appearance but also her innate talent for Flamenco dancing.”

Virginia Lanely

“Carolé’s stand-up comedy is intelligent, fast paced and full of energy. I am amazed at her ability to show her raw self and transform into virtually anyone, her face is like rubber and her body is agile.”

Dean Inouye

“I was standing in the Brainwash on what was probably my first or second time there. Carolé was the only other person there and we introduced ourselves and started talking about comedy. She couldn’t stop making faces and striking poses… she had so much energy. I thought, “If Jim Carrey was a beautiful woman dancer, this is who he’d be.” Keep on joking, dancing and acting, Carolé”

Nigel Lythgoe

“Flamenco dancing is closely related to the Spanish culture and for a dancer to understand the dance, you have to understand the culture, it is clear that you understand both, you are a powerful performer, you have control of the dance yet you allow the dance to have some give at the right moments. Along with a select few, you are definitely the top Flamenco dancer in America.”

Serdar Yayla

I was mesmerized when I saw you, (Carolé) it was just like a movie scene for me. I should really thank you for those moments.

Dale Louise Evje

“The accomplishments of Carolé cannot go unnoticed.”

Emily Browning

“Carolé is like a more fit, female Chris Farley”

Mary Alice Fry

“Carolé’s physicality is over the top hilarious. Encore please.”

Mary Ellen Hunt

“Acuña reveals not just the polish of experience, but also the joy of dancing.”

Nigel Lythgoe

“You (Carolé) are a mature dancer, you have a presence beyond your years.”

Janice Kendricks

“Carolé should be an Academy Award winning actress: AND THE OSCAR GOES TO CAROLÉ ACUÑA! . . . and CHEERS! She is not only funny, but inspirational at the same time. That takes talent, which she has loads of. I’ve gotta come see her perform more often”

Jason Gilkinson

“Your entire dance and every move that you made was emotionally moving to me.”

Kurtis Matthews

“Carolé’s mind works quickly. She is a very physical comedian.”

Tony Sparks

“Carolé Acuña is hilarious, she is animated, like a female Jim Carrey.”

Ann Murphy

“Acúña is a mesmerizing woman and a sensuous, generous dancer, as gifted in classical Spanish dance as in gypsy Flamenco”

Vince D’Amico

“The first time I saw Carolé was at The Purple Onion at Kells and she did a Kaufman impression that is forever burned into my memory”

Eddie Brill

“Carolé Acuña’s stand-up comedy work is prolific. I see strength backed by warmth.”

Joseph Ugalde

“The Andy Kaufman of a new generation, she’s funny, delightful, she’s Carolé Acuña.”

The featured professional as “Living The Dream” in Sunset Magazine, flamenco & contemporary spanish dancer, stand-up comedian, meisner actor, singer, survivor of rape, domestic violence and cancer, speaker, author, choreographer; here to help our world be brighter one person at a time. Carolé tours internationally, performs in public and private events regularly, helps people one on one and in groups.

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