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“Carolé guides me to  overcome my perceived obstacles, discover my core self, connect with my body, own my voice and be fearless to create what I actually want in this world so I can succeed in all areas of my life. Her two plus decades as a professional multi-faceted artist and athlete is so inspiring and she has an incredible amount of wisdom to share at any given time. I am consistently learning new artistic mediums and how they help my everyday life. It is quite a journey that I have been on thus far and I look forward to what lies ahead. I’ve even lost weight along the way and I wasn’t even trying to, I look and feel incredible and am more giving in my relationships; I’m an all around happier person.  ” -Ariel Kim, client

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Carolé Acuña

Actualization Mentor

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¡Que tal! Welcome to my virtual stomping ground!
I’m Carolé, an international flamenco & contemporary dancer, stand-up comedian, meisner actor, actualization mentor, author, speaker, forerunner of the philosophical new thought movement. I’m a narwhal loving philanthropist and a globe trotting entrepreneur, who is here on a colossal mission to help inspire and guide you on your transformational adventure of actualizing your most fulfilling life. I am immensely stoked that you are here and we can connect!

Being a professional artist and athlete, I realize how imperative a mind/body/soul balance is for cultivating and fostering a capacity for stellar achievement success. I help you clean up and regulate your diet, be fit with invigorating movement (TM), become more aligned with your authentic self, provide an opportunity for you to actualize your true desires and realize the connection of practicing benevolence.

I design individualized actualization plans for you and guide you every step of the way as you become more empowered so you can have continual breakthroughs and get impactful results.

Being a survivor of rape , domestic violence and cancer, I have overcome many obstacles and know that if I can flourish, there is an opportunity for you to as well. I invite you to join me so I can facilitate many possibilities for your thoughts to actualize into something real, tangible and advantageous for you and the world we share.

Work With Me One on One Wherever You Are in the World
Move Your Body, Eat Well, Be Present, Get Creative, Actualize Your Dreams
I Will Design an Individualized Package & Guide You Every Step Of The Way
You Can Also Include In Your Package: Online Flamenco Dance Classes, Ballet, Dance Fitness, Invigorating Movement, Comedy Writing, Acting, Public Speaking
You Can Be the Awe-Inspiring You That You Are and Live Your Best Life
Wondering how these online VIP packages work? It’s simple and fun. Utilizing a powerful and free video call platform, you can talk and practice with me anytime that fits your schedule, anywhere in the world. Each package includes a specific number of one-on-one live interactive experiences, plus VIP days and much more.
Meet me, your host, Carolé Acuña: Starting my professional artistic career at 14, I have been quite busy since. Growing up with a diverse background; a flamenco dancing mother, homosexual father, being of mixed ethnicity, and being a survivor of rape and domestic violence, I am passionate about letting you know that you matter in our world and I’m dedicated to helping you actualize your full potential so you can see that there is a way to live your dream now. Having an artistic and athletic outlet during my childhood and teen years helped me cope with ongoing abuse while also helping others around me. After years of utilizing various therapeutic modalities, healing and being a transcendental meditation scholarship recipient, I now come from a place of compassion. I weave my artistry and athleticism with helping you.
As a actualization mentor, I guide driven people of all walks of life to break through blocks, potentially overcome trauma and clarify the best version of themselves. If you want to breakthrough blocks to create productive patterns, live the life you truly want to live, finally be feeling freedom now and embrace this moment. I invite you to schedule a free consultation to start becoming more aligned with your authentic self. I can help you take the transformative steps to walk through and flourish.
“This is why I am here, to share my voice; to help as many people as possible in this world. We are living our dreams right now so we can choose to feel free and help others do the same. The present is a gift for us.” – C. Acuña
“Everybody has talent, it’s just a matter of moving around until you’ve discovered what it is.” George Lucas

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“With ordinary talents and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable.” Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton

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More flexible life patterns can nurture and renew our spirits through opportunities to actualize our dreams

The featured professional as “Living The Dream” in Sunset Magazine, a certified actualization mentor, flamenco & contemporary spanish dancer, stand-up comedian, meisner actor, singer, survivor of rape, domestic violence and cancer, speaker, author, choreographer; here to help our world be brighter one person at a time. Carolé is committed to actualizing visions into a tangible reality. She tours internationally, performs in public and private events regularly, helps people one on one and in groups.

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