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This online show will be exciting and informative as Carolé (Carolay) interviews her panel of leading empowerment, creative, health, fitness, business, personal development coaches and mentors, in order to empower and inspire you to actualize your desires and ultimately be free to express your most profound self.

This show will move you so you will gain some essential tools to have:

•FREEDOM from obstacles

•EXPRESSION of your profound self

•CONTRIBUTE and SHARE to help our world be brighter

“To help, to continually help and share, that is the sum of all knowledge; that is the meaning of art.” ~ Eleonora Duse

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About Your Host:
¡Que tal! Welcome to my virtual stomping ground!
I’m Carolé (Carolay), an international flamenco dancer, stand-up comedian, meisner actor, actualization mentor, author, speaker, forerunner of the philosophical new thought movement, survivor of rape, domestic violence and cancer. I’m a narwhal loving philanthropist and a globe trotting entrepreneurial artist, who is here on a colossal mission to help inspire and guide you on your transformational adventure of actualizing your most fulfilling life. I am immensely stoked that you are here and we can connect!
Being a professional artist and athlete, I realize how imperative a mind/body/soul balance is for cultivating and fostering a capacity for stellar achievement success.
Being a survivor and now thriver, I have broken free from many obstacles and know that there is an opportunity for you to be free as well.

You can actualize your true desires; professional, financial, familial, love, spiritual, communal, travel, manifesting your vision into reality which is directly connected with doing what you love. Your actualization lies in interconnection, your personal growth is correlated with your professional advancement and overall wellbeing.

The featured professional as “Living The Dream” in Sunset Magazine, a certified actualization mentor, flamenco & contemporary spanish dancer, stand-up comedian, meisner actor, singer, survivor of rape, domestic violence and cancer, speaker, author, choreographer; here to help our world be brighter one person at a time. Carolé is committed to actualizing visions into a tangible reality. She tours internationally, performs in public and private events regularly, helps people one on one and in groups.

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