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The Artivists Web Series

“I really look forward to watching and listening to this web series because people are given a space to talk openly and freely about subjects that should really be talked about more often by everyone. I find myself starting up more conversations within my circle of people and feel more confident trying something new because I think, well they can do it, why can’t I?” -Sam Provenzano, The Artivists fan

The Artivists “Where Art & Activism Unite!” This web series was created to share relevant conversations to help make positive changes in our world and to empower everyone to do more in their day to day routine. With your host, actor/comedian/dancer/producer, Carolé Acuña and surprise co-host, comedian/producer Anthony Medina this is thought provoking, informative, funny, interactive, with a splash of reactive. With the example of the Climate Narwhal activist group, narwhals are an example of how our world is being effected by certain choices. Everything we do does matter on a grand scale and we can help each other rise higher and higher.
Listen, react, interact.

Microscopically Short Films Web Series

Carolé created this web series to collaborate with various artists, activists, scientists, politicians, neighbors, unemployed, and people from all walks of life. There are short stories, interviews, micro-documentaries, dances, songs, jokes, facts, fiction with a through line to help this world that we share so it can be brighter, lighter, more free and so more people can feel empowered to continue this positive ripple effect towards more unity.

LatinaFornia Web Series

This web series was literally created by Carolé and Veronica Valencia while driving home from an inspiring show as Carolé pulled out a selfie diva light, the jokes started flying and viola, a web series about two Latina valley girls from California was born. More to come muy pronto 🙂

The featured professional as “Living The Dream” in Sunset Magazine, flamenco & contemporary spanish dancer, stand-up comedian, meisner actor, singer, survivor of rape, domestic violence and cancer, speaker, author, choreographer; here to help our world be brighter one person at a time. Carolé tours internationally, performs in public and private events regularly, helps people one on one and in groups.

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